About Us

Prodigi has a combined experience of 23 years of working in (the children and youth sectors with education, nutrition, and youth development focus areas that have served them well. More recently, their work in Digital Education sparked a desire to solve the shortcomings of the traditional education systems. Prodigi is a digital enabler and repository that empowers a growing youth base with career-enriching resources that support them to build leadership and employability skills.





Our Mission

We collaborate with and empower organizations that are doing critical work on the continent and globally within the youth development space or any other sector that relies on a trained youth force to deliver tailored education solutions.

We believe that when we train young people and retain them in our database, we will be able to assist with the recruitment and placement of trained young people in a focused and strategic manner.

Our Vision

To be a continental champion in empowering young people with leadership and employability skills so that they are able to be economically productive.

Our Values

Our Team


Bongi Mtshali



Khetha Buthelezi


Fatma Ali

Fatma Hilali

Software Developer

Learning often happens in the classroom, but it doesn’t have to.

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